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what would you do?


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What would you do if u lived in Kabul and taliban just took the city? Would you escape? How would you do it? 


i think i would go down to the sewers sneak in  and make my way out of the city via sewers.  Once im out, im would travel only during the night maybe by car, bike or horse or pay myself a transport and hide in it, to make it out of the country. Most likely i would try to disguise myself as a taliban incase i get stopped lol. 


EDit: city is lost, forget about the embassy its a warzone now

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idk :s it's just sad for me , but i can't say anything about it.






Always underrated , never dominated




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Forgot to mention as a male you have a better chance though. They going back to not allowing women out of the home and being fully covered/accompanied by a male.

Not sure if you heard. I was leader of The BlacKnights.



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Follow the fellow Syrians and join the Resistance to put up a fight against the regime change so we can retake what's ours from foreign intervention 


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