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Tempest vs Bandits + New Power


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Tempest -vs- Bandits + New Power

Tempest were eager for another battle to get our Labour Day weekend started right. Bandits and New Power generously offered us the opportunity to have a three round scrap in the CWA. The seamen of Tempest - battle hardened as they are - prepared for a tough fight. The face of the seamen darkened, the shadows grew long, and we set out on the battle field; swords and staves gripped tightly in our hands.


Round One

Tempest had a nice pull, as did B+NP and we met in the middle for the fight. The blasts raced across the map, arrows flew, and scimitars sliced through the armour of the opponents. Things looked good straight from the first pile and we never wavered from there.



Round Two

We pre-typed "GL R2" and met Bandits + New Power in the CWA map Plateau for R2. We had some great tanking, especially from @Wee Man. This round was close but over time, we cut out a lead and managed to eke out a slender victory in R2.



Round Three

Looking for the sweep, we focused up (as well as boomers can). Only one beer was heard to be cracked pre-challenge, so shout-out to the rest of the seamen who waited until the battle to conclude before tying one on. Another strong victory thanks to elite tanking and terrific calling -- even when @MILAD could only get one pile off before being piled (on sight).



Thanks for the fun Bandits + New Power! Shoutout to our friend @Pengy.

Great resolve Tempest, another fun day in Teamspeak and out on Plateau. :classic_love:

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