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If Os was to add MTX, Would you Quit?


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Nah. Doesn't matter how far it goes either. Auras, exp lamps, gp? Doesn't bother me.

There hasn't been any integrity in osrs for a while now so it really doesn't matter at all. The venes will still sell gp for cheaper than what you can get through mtx, and they'll still train skills for cheaper than the amount of exp you can buy through mtx.










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5 hours ago, DanB said:

Think we are safe from mtx until we near the end of the game cycle, once we hit that they’ll probably take advantage for all its worth


42 minutes ago, danex said:

no way that ever happens ngl


4 hours ago, Out said:

It won't happen they learned their lesson 

Doesn't answer the question. In a hypothetical world, were MTX was added, full on RS3 style, would you quit?

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