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Hello, it's me Milad


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Runescape Name

Swedish Boy 

Preferred Name 


Discord ID


Current Clan


No clan

Previous Clan History

Too long but I've been in Gladz/EH/TT/Genesis/DI etc.

Are you interested in joining?


Brief Introduction

I'm Milad. I'm Swedish. I'm 26 years old. I run my own business in central Stockholm. I learned how to speak English because of Runescape and not because of school. I haven't played RS since 2013 (?). I've been on Discord lately and talked to True 2k8 who introduced me to Tempest. I know most of the people that are here since...well a long goddamn time ago. Hope everyone is doing good. Oh, I've heard that people are quarantined because of this thing called "pandemic". We don't have it in Sweden apparently because, well, we are Swedish.

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Always Sad. Always Mad. You are Milad.

On a more serious note, I've always liked you over the years even if we stood opposite of DF/TT and whatever weird clans you were opening on OSRS (Bears/Dynasty). I know you've always been a great in-game warrer and I'm sure the concerns I had about you joining DF in 2016 are no longer a factor. Lets link up on TS later.



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i quit rs in 2016-2017 and u were still clanning nice try tho mr "i quit in 2013"

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~ex envy respected member~

~ex divine forces old school~











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