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98 Agility


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51 minutes ago, Brazz said:

How easy is that place to learn? Looks like a bit of a headache tbh

congrats as well man almost there

I started at 92 which gave me access to floor 5 rightaway. I knew absolutely nothing of the Sepulchre and only looked up some basics of what to bring.

Finished floor 1 and 2 on my first run. Finished floor 3 on my second run. Finished floor 4 on my fourth run.  Floor 5 took a little longer. It took me 16 tries to get my first completion (within the time limit) and was getting consistent at it around runs 26-28.

Best advice I can give you, dont worry too much about the time limit for your first couple of tries. Mark tiles as much (or as little) as you find convenient. Recognize patterns, cycles, timings, etcetera. Honestly, most gamers can get comfortable with the first four floors very quickly. The fifth one is a big step up in terms of skill, and especially finishing it within the time limit can be hard (my first couple of runs I would have approx 1m30s left for the last two sections which gave me maybe room for one fail along the way).

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