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Sector Six's Intro

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Runescape Name
Sector Six

Preferred Name 
Sector Six

Discord ID

Current Clan
Chivalry Legions

Previous Clan History
Australian Army

TKO Blitz

Kill Orgy


Are you interested in joining?
No due to timezone, but keen on being a part of the community

Brief Introduction
Clanning since 2k8, ex-RSC nerd, casually playing / clanning in the AEST timezone after a long break from OSRS.

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The Boys

It’s always who built the pyramids and never how are the pyramids ? 



Leader / Founder at: 


~ Clans & Teams ~



Satan's Men | Sorrow of Knights | Chivalry Legion | Australian Army | The Neggas Clan | Anarchy | Prodigy | KCR | The Migrants | Agony | TuF | Infliction | Ronin | Damage Incorporated | Violent Resolution | Divine Forces | Chivalry Legion 2.0 | Divine Kings | Cutthroat | Currently Chivalry Legion |


Hitsquad - Founder / Leader - Retired/Left

Ayuda/CommunityPk - Officer/Council (Yeah, I did that) 

Bad Intention - Warlord (Closed)

Team X - Moderator (Closed)


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