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Runescape Name
Patr1ck X

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Current Clan

Previous Clan History

- The British Elites

- Wilderness Guardians

- 'The' Clan

- Ronin

- Vanguard

- The Rising

Are you interested in joining?

Brief Introduction
I've been playing RS on and off since 2005. I always was a big fan of the F2P warring scene and would like to take part in it again in the near future.

Recently I came back to the game after some time of absence and currently working on improving my account to get ready for any PvP activities, not limiting it to F2P events as I'm trying to improve my P2P PvP skills as well.

I'm not playing many games other than OSRS right now and I'd rather focus on the OSRS to make sure that I'm improving myself in the game.

Although the pandemic makes it difficult, I'm trying to keep myself in shape and doing as many physical activities as possible, in the past I used to play football (soccer) with a group of friends as a team vs another small teams on regular basis, I look forward to get back to it as football used to be my passion when I was younger. ?


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