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  1. hbd tempy, had some really fun fights with yall over the last couple years
  2. being one of the founders of hell soldiers, that later on merged with rising army and gave birth to hell army
  3. hbd tempy! it's crazy how time flies, thanks for all the action so far & looking forward for more =]
  4. Thanks for the competitive fight & for all our fights the last year, was a blast lads
  5. diogo garcia was one of the sickest hybrids we had back in the days, miss my boy, im pretty sure he was also in TR by then
  6. How sick y'all think Wilderlegends would have been back in RS2? Share a funny story from TCL that never got disclosed publicly A part from WL, who would you say that were your biggest rivals/who you enjoyed the most fighting against? In your oppinions, why brazilians always hated other brazilians in RS? Best party/festival you've been to? Did you manage to get away from that crazy girl or she still in your house @Aiorya? How did y'all feel when you saw UK Rei live on TV cus he was late to do his uni entrance exam lmfao?
  7. @King_Obina how did it feel when you saw @Aiorya getting piled on that WL vs. Pandemic CWA fight? When we said on TS that he was the pile, instead of putting his zamorak set on, he took his green d'hide off, someone must still have that pic bro lmfao @Aiorya how did you manage to do that ^ @King_Obina @Aiorya @Frankventura @Victor what's the most NH thing you've done? If WL closed, that would leave a lot of brazilian & portuguese men homeless. Would that make a TCL comeback remotely possible or would still be a big no?
  8. @King_Obina as for the "brainwash" part you've mentioned - the entire luso-brazilian scene used to say that like it was an absolute truth but realistically I truly don't remember that happening during my stay. We would quite often get crashed by ADJ/EOS/HA when fighting vs. you guys and we used to be hella satisfied about being the last clan standing (in FULL RUNE while SKULLED @ RoT) after 10 hours of fight, outnumbered by 50+ people etc. but it was never like we were blind to not see the struggle, we just would rather discussing whatever we could have done better in private and celebrating the victory in public - uncappeds were never about who performed better, but about who was willing to go that extra mile and stay regardless of being tired/having shit to do the next day - if we actually lost in whatever kind of fight, I actually remember us having a step back as a staff team and telling people to not be claiming something that wasn't ours. In general I feel like during 2010-2012 you guys usually would perform better (but fighting under better circumstances) and bail whenever you got bored, but from our perspective, it didn't matter tanking for 2-3 hours to get the W afterwards. How did it feel when I deleted all topics from TCL boards back in 2011-12? I remember I was just chilling when Hugo randomly PM'd me with his forum details saying "have fun". Tbh it was just topics being cleaned so no major issues but how did it get to the point of having a Warlord/Pk Leader (mod cp access) rage quitting like that? Did any of you guys @King_Obina @Frankventura @Aiorya @Victor take part on the last cluster before EoC? How was it from your perspective? Vid from that fight:
  9. That's actually a quite interesting read. I have nothing but respect over TCL, you guys gave me the most fun I've had on this game by far. Regardless of WL or TCL being on the better moment, it was always competitive and it always tasted different when compared to any other fights. I never thought I'd see it happening, but a huge shoutout to when WL reopened in OSRS and 30-35 of you guys joined us. Even if it didn't last for long, was very nice to be clanning with y'all, be it on the fights or community wise. When we had that 8 hours fight against Arroz we were all washed up, low levels etc. but we still managed to smoke them and it was really enjoyable, I never thought I'd see the likes of Aiorya, Rmd, MrLolz & others calling/back up calling/hyping people up in WL while fighting another luso-brazilian clan lmfao. You guys definitely dominated the majority of the luso-brazilian scene from 2010 to 2012. With that being said, assuming all of you weren't in TCL anymore when the mass leave happened, how did it feel to see TCL from the outside? What would you have changed in TCL if you had the chance? And if you say nothing you're lying # To @Aiorya, @King_Obina and @Frankventura - how was that uncapped WL vs. Arroz fight for you guys? Did you have the same feeling that I mentioned? What surprised you positively/negatively? What would it take to reopen TCL? How did clanning/RS in general affect your lives? What did you guys admire the most about WL back then? You still felt the same when we reopened in OSRS? What did you guys hate the most about WL back then? You still felt the same when we reopened in OSRS?
  10. D96

    Jebrim AMA

    How's your social life? Did you manage to keep one during all that grind? Do you wish you spent all that time with something else?
  11. im glad u didnt mention me lmfao!! miss u lavigner
  12. thanks 4 fight, idk what rot were thinking
  13. this nugga legit got played like a fiddle
  14. i appreciate the reply - i definitely understand why you'd choose not to shit on a clan you stayed for over a decade and still has friends in, but realistically you're currently in a clan where they would rotulate as being anti-rot and they could use that as a premise for a lot of things, i'm surprised to hear you didn't get doxed/had your RL messed with specially after admitting it publicly, it's no secret they will often resort to that kinda shit when they feel unpleased about anything at all having that in mind, how do you feel about rot spamming cringe stuff including full RL names (and quite often being racist) towards former members/rivals in general simply because they're on the other side? by now you might not know about the inside of rot, but you definitely got a different perspective of their current days by fighting them with tempest and it's only natural to have your own oppinion - would you be comfortable sharing it? why do you think other ex-members got doxed/had their RL messed with when they left for another clan? how would you deal if they doxed/did something towards your RL when you joined tempest? rot has been cosplaying gangsters on the internet since 2015ish if i'm not mistaken, they'll use rappers avatars and glamurize that universe, and at the same time they'll be racist towards black people - don't you think that's a bit controversial? are you in favour of doxing/calling people's work/family if they spy on your clan? does any official at all other than matt/dark has enough say to stop that? you're not the only ex-official that i hear about being against crossing specific lines, but at the same time no real action was taken about it rot's only prerogatives atm are about disrupting clan events, having the best members on the game and exposing other clans weaknesses, but they 100% couldn't be happier about KDR tracker not being an official feature so other clans don't have it to throw on their faces - that being said, how badly do you think a possible jcup fiasco would hit them? even if they're not even close to what they were, they still talk as big (especially the pure kids that joined after jcups/dmms which i find extremely funny) you also mentioned smaller crash trips being fun if you're with the right people - i actually know what you mean cus i've been there too, but it's a whole different universe if your clan's legacy isn't around that/if you are forced to do it instead of being something sporadic and especially if you're doing it with people you don't know/don't like - keeping in mind that rot's memberbase isn't the same and you probably got way less active friends in there, do you think you'd enjoy it? being from the outside i feel like even if specific good members in rot wouldn't agree with crossing certain lines/decision making, they'd ignore it because they were competitive and felt like they were on the best clan of the game with good pulls, performances and maybe a good community - if you take being the best clan, good events & pulls away, how do you keep these good members? community won't do the trick long term if they aren't 100% into it having in mind that these people looked for rot especially because they were super competitive is there any scenario where you can see rot closing?
  15. i find it hard to believe that you actually don't know anything at all about rot's current state being in tempest, but playing your game: what you think could possibly happen to make them go from being one of the most successful clans on the game to just a mere shadow of what they once were? by that i mean pulling 30 people to crash trips, relying on SV as their most relevant ally, having a lot from their core members from their peak in OSRS era leaving/joining rivals/crashing them, losing a f2p uncapped fight to an open cc without even audio and surviving off bad recruits/propaganda/crash trips/ragging? every single clan in the game will try to sell a good image, but by now rot got to a point where their recaps/tweets are just an insult to their members intelligence - was it common practice while you were in there too? you definitely were there on their peaks, but i assume you also were there during some of their lows (nothing compared to now, of course) and i'm just curious to know how they approached slumps to their members, if they just straight up bullshited everyone or what they did exactly you seem to have a lot of good memories with rot which is understandable, but at the same time reading a lot of your replies feels like you're not willing to admit nothing that could be seen as bad towards them - the way you talk about rot it's just different from what i've heard from people that were also in there, not about their peaks necessarily but especially about how they see specific attitudes/their current state - with that being said, do you wish you weren't kicked at all so you could still be there/would go back if they invited you?
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