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  1. This is all ex DF vs other ex DF
  2. Anyone who's an official in a clan for a decent period of time is likely to be mentally unstable one way or another. If you want to manage large groups of people with the maturity levels of teenagers, you might as well go be a teacher or something. At least you get paid for that.
  3. Don't trust this guy, he (and Havik) were too afraid to play Pacify with the boys
  4. Oh I forgot Joko from DI as well
  5. In no particular order: Da Situation, Daviddamage, OSRS versions of Homedawg90 & Mini Bb, Rampage#s, Jbomb, Supergamer05, 13brandon13, whoever that foreign guy was in Brutal Forces, whoever that guy who sounded like he was using a voice changer in Silent Ember who said nigga at the end every sentence, Repa from Poison/pure scene/rot nutrider. Prob some more I forgot.
  6. What's your budget? And are you confident in putting the parts together (there's plenty of useful video guides on youtube)? Or would you prefer a pre-built? Pre-built machines have come a long way and some of them are only slightly more expensive than putting exact parts together yourself.
  7. Winter. Less idiots out spreading corona everywhere.
  8. Pope

    swamp man dies

    Sketchy death. Full barrows, 90+ defence, and dies to a vampire while being AFK for a bit? This was a calculated decision. He knew after his ex gf exposed him, he'd need a way to prove he's playing legitimate. What better way than to start the hellish grind all over. Milk some sympathy donations on Patreon while he's at.
  9. Why did you guys rank Lancealot646 to PK Leader at the end of the summer in 2010?
  10. What language are these creatures speaking?
  11. Pope


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