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  1. tldr also ratio What is your favorite pokemon? Would you fuck a Vaporean?
  2. Looks good! Now you just have to remove your awful notification system
  3. Dragon Slayer 2 -- turn on the music for the ship obstacles/final fights of the quest and you get the login screen music track playing the entire time. It really felt like the ending to a grandmaster questline and I normally don't give a shit about quests but this one was really great.
  4. Glad this individual decided to include your time in Renegades. We can't allow ourselves to forget the past or we're doomed to repeat it.
  5. 68F in the winter and 78F in the summer
  6. Fools Dragonwood Blacknights TNC Silent Ember TRWF Genesis 3xtermination
  7. True, you're one bad post away from being overthrown again
  8. The inventions and modern day advancements we have as a result of space travel make it worth funding. If I wanted to see what kind of bottom feeders are at the deep ocean floor I'd go to RoT forums.
  9. Well done, I spectated the entire time and it was visibly clear that the clan world resolves around Tempest
  10. Gratz on gaining the wisdom to turn off those disgusting overlays, Prayer is paying dividends
  11. I'd rather see new clans built from the ground up rather than re-opening on a temporary nostalgia kick
  12. I wear my herblore cape 24/7 in W420
  13. Looks like the clan world revolves around Tempest
  14. Ah yes, finally, another intellectual with Equilibrium and Endless Harvest
  15. If they patched the Treasure Seeker to give you ONLY clues that fall within your chosen areas, it would be well worth doing. I may still try it on my second account because I love clue scrolls, but Unnatural Selection is very overpowered (even if you can NEVER complete the clues that superiors drop)
  16. Took me 2.5 hours to get a rune pickaxe
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