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  1. Hey Kenny ❤️ Uhh dude I legitimately don't remember lmao. I was in it very briefly, like when it was first created as The Storm, then the name changed to Awaken and I left shortly after. If you were in it then we were probably just acquaintances at the time. Justin buddy❤️ Hey dude hope all is well!
  2. Dude! it has been awhile, good to see you. Hey Havik! Appreciate it. 😊 Long story short DF members started calling me Bunty out of the blue, and it stuck, so I just embraced it lol. It's okay neither of our schools are winning the natty anytime soon lol. Love ya buddy!
  3. Let's not make that a thing. Well look who it is. Hope you're doing well buddy.
  4. Yep I remember. Good to see you and hope you're doing well.
  5. Runescape Name Bountyhuntur Preferred Name Bunty Discord ID Bunty#3613 Current Clan None. Previous Clan History So many smaller/mid size clans (The Storm/Awaken, Nemesis, Four Horsemen, etc.) that eventually led me to Divine Forces. Who do you know in Tempest? Not many people personally, but I talk to True here and there. I haven't paid enough attention to see who is actually in Tempest and who just hangs around it, so I'm sure I know some people. Are you interested in joining? Nope just saying hi. I lurk on the forums occasionally and see a lot of old names around. Brief Introduction I started playing rs on classic, then started clanning towards the end of 03/beginning of 04. Jumped between a lot of clans and tried starting a couple of my own before eventually joining DF in 05. Was council until the end of 06 when Death240 retired and I got the opportunity to lead. Retired and unretired a couple of times up until 09 then called it quits for good. I mostly just pop in every once in awhile now to say hi to DF and talk to some old friends.
  6. One of the most genuine guys out there.
  7. Appreciate the opportunity to give some input on DF. Had to put the brain into overdrive for that ranking part. There are definitely some interesting reads in this. I found RSD switching it's focus to strictly pvp pretty interesting.
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