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Tempest vs CWC


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After our clean battle today against Ancient Fury, we had our tournament fight set up with CWC. Knowing they had many experienced CWA prods we couldn't underestimate them so we had our men come in with a strong mindset, Round 1 was pretty much kill for kill until we start transitioning through their magers. Round 2 they didn't hit 20 so they decided to rush us and ended up losing only 1 person (ty mohd). Round 3 they just gave us the win since they didn't have 20.


Round 1:



Round 2:


Round 3:

They gave us the win





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Good stuff Tempest, Gratz!


 Chivalry Legions Elite - Ex-Chivalry Legions Council
Ex-Ancient Fury Applicant Ex-Zerg Unit Member

Ex-Australian Army Co-Leader - Ex-Kill Orgy Senior Member - Ex-TKO Blitz Member



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