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Dig Din's intro

Dig Din

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Runescape Name
Dig Din.

Preferred Name 
Dig Din.

Discord ID
Dig Din#6814.

Current Clan
New Power.

Previous Clan History
New Power, Arroz, Brazilian Rigour, Hell Army.


Who do you know in Tempest?
I know a lot of ppl from years fighting in f2p, but no one that closely.

Are you interested in joining?

Brief Introduction
I'm a brazilian 24 yo lawyer, that have been playing this game since I was like 8, and just keep quiting for a while and coming back because I love so much to fight and stuff. Now I came back when the pandemic started, and I'm planning to keep playing for a long time actually.

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New Power General 2013-20

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Welcome to the forums mate!


 Chivalry Legions Elite - Ex-Chivalry Legions Council
Ex-Ancient Fury Applicant Ex-Zerg Unit Member

Ex-Australian Army Co-Leader - Ex-Kill Orgy Senior Member - Ex-TKO Blitz Member



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