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Wack Sparrow Intro

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Runescape Name
Wack Sparrow -126

Boomerdabomb -35 combat?

Preferred Name 

Whatever works for y'all

Discord ID


Current Clan

Zerg Unit

Previous Clan History


Fear 2005ish


Lethal Blades

The Hunters 1 and 2

Noobs Inc

Echoes of Silence 2006/07ish

Noobs Inc

Knights of Order 2009ish

Noobs Inc?

No Honor Forces

Rune Raiders -2011?

Echoes of Silence - 18 intros

The Rising 2012



The 2015?

The Rising 2015-2016?

Ronin 2016-2018?

Zerg Unit 2020

Are you interested in joining?

Brief Introduction

Going over the clan history really hit me in the feels to be honest. Half my life to be honest. Early on my voice was cracking(still is lol) and growing a beard was still years away. I digress, my name is Paul and I like to watch TV a little too much. From time to time I log into RS and watch over Clan Wars Arena(Enclave). Perusing along Disocrd has been a pleasure of mine that I will but I should cut back. My tanking skills are sub par at best, and my calling is abysmal. There is not really much to me other than I have a disdain for working out and I love watching anime and Chinese/Korean Dramas, although I am watching a Spanish drama at the moment. I wish you all the best #

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