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Kill boy

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Runescape Name

- Kill Boy

Preferred Name 

-Kill boy / Matt / Marty

Current Clan

- Hoblins + Gundrilla (small friends only single pking teams)

Previous Clan History

- Longer than i care to write out, 10 years+ of clanning on and off, for about 15 years. Ill brother to write it out, if i end up apping i guess.


Who do you know in Tempest?

- Would say i know/knew Out + Venenatis pretty well. Reconise afair afew names from the clan world tho, probs know any TR or FSK heads.

Are you interested in joining?

- Maybe, if i can get the buzz again.

Brief Introduction

Sup i'm Matt, turned 28 in May. Been about clanning and pking for a good 10+ years on and off. Got members again afew weeks ago, and just been single pking with like 6-8 hommies. Venny told me to make a forums account a month or so ago, so im doing that now. Already see some faces ive not seen in awhile....

Only really play weekends atm, as i work away in the week. Over the winter + with all this lockdown business i might have abit more time tho. Work is either Landscaping, farming or building/groundworks based. Hobbies are sports related, growing things or building stuff.

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