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Runescape Name
RS3- Madz/K12_Rising

OSRS - Jill

Preferred Name 


Current Clan

Previous Clan History



My Clan History (Clans i can remember. Did not include clans I was an applicant to.)
The Night Hawks - Moderator - 4/5 months - Left for Anarchy
Anarchy - Event Cord - 5 months - Clan Closed
Gladz - Member - 5 months - Left for TR
The Rising - Member - 6 months - Runescape account hacked/Left
Nightfall - Leader/Founder - 2 Months - Clan Closed
Elite Order - Event Cord - 2 months - Clan Closed

Genesis Knights
Dragonwood - 1month - Left for TR.
The Rising - Recruitment team - 5 months
Violent Resolution - Senior Member - 8 months (2009/2010)

THE - 3 months

Forsaken - 5 months


The Night Hawks
Was the first ever real clan i was in led by Big Knockers. I joined this clan at around 80 combat on my
original account knightmadz. I soon learned the ropes of being in a clan, we had a few war's but it was
mainly a community clan, i was promoted to Moderator in my time there overlooking around 50
members. I decided to leave for "Anarchy" because i wanted to get a better feel for pking. I was in this
clan for 4/5 months.

Led by Chronic24, Thugster01, and Ambersky at the time. I heard many great things about Anarchy. I
consider this to be the first real pking clan i ever joined. Unfortunately i joined Anarchy whilst they were
on a decline. I did what i could to help the clan, i made regular events and was extremely active and was
soon promoted to Head of events. We had the odd portel pking trip but the clan was not getting active
again. Chronic24 decided to merge anarchy with my previous clan "TNH" which didn't work out. Both clans died shortly
afterward's with Anarchy leaving for WoW and TNH eventually becoming Triforce. I was in this clan for 5 months.

The Gladiatorz
Shortly after Anarchy died i started to look for a new clan, before joining Gladz i was told they were still a power house. I was happy in Gladz with a few of my old Anarchy friends. The
community seemed ok at first but then things started to take a turn for a worse. There retired member's
were flaming their current members and this got really annoying. Whilst this was happening my blood
thirst for pking grew even more. Gladz did not pk all that often so i decided to leave for The Rising. I was
in Gladz for 5 months.

The Rising
Personally invited to join from Des_Troyer who I knew from "THE Alliance". I joined this clan a few months after it opened, sadly the wilderness was taken away just 2 months after
TR opened. So most of my time here was in multi BH and then CWA era. We were a dominate force in multi
BH and could take down any clan our size. This clan had everything i ever wanted, a friendly community,
and active pking. Sadly my RS account at the time was recovered. I sold my old
account Knightmadz whilst i was in Anarchy so i could not use that. I decided the best thing to do was to
leave TR and train a new account from level 3 and then rejoin when i met there requirements. I was in TR
for about 6 months. Had a great time in here.

After i trained my new account k12 rising to about 90 cmb after being hacked, i decided to try making a
clan because everyone was doing it in the CWA Era and it dident seem to hard. I would say we was a
successful clan. We got to about 30 member's and beat most clans we fought. But then i decided to mass recruit. 6 members joined with the intent to hack my clan, they destroyed the
forums and IRC so we decided to close. This clan lasted about 1 month.

After Violation was hacked two of the old staff members came to me and asked if i wanted to start a new
clan, i said yes and Nightfall was born. This was by far the best clan i ever got a chance to lead, we got
ourselvs IP.Boards like most top ten clans use, Reached 40 members and won just about every war we

had. Sadly there was a dispute with the staff and the clan closed. I led this clan for 2 months before closing.

Elite Order
This was a small sals clan i was in. I did everything i could to help it become active i was promoted to
event cord but unfortunately the clan closed. I was here for 2 months.

I then started clan hopping arround small sals clans to try and find one i would like, i did not settle. (note: this
was in the CWA Era). Soon PVP was back and i decided to train some more and join a decent RSC clan

As soon as PVP was back i decided to leave the sals community and decided to join a medium sized RSC clan, this was to be dragonwood. I was in dragonwood and
really found there member's to be very kind and respectful. I liked this and probably would have stayed,
but my whole plan was to re-join TR when i met there req's and i stuck to it. 

The Rising
I finally reached my goal of 112 f2p combat and rejoined TR. I really enjoyed it for the first 3 months and
it was great meeting back with old friends and making new ones. I would consider myself to have been
one of TR's more active members at the time. This was recognized with me being promoted into the recruitment team a
few months after being back. Although TR was different this time it was still a great learning experience
for me and taught me everything i needed to know i am very grateful. Member's were loosing there
dedication to return if we started to loose a fight, and because we were so heavily GMT based, we could
not compete with clans if it was dragged out of our time zone. I ended up having a disagreement with the leader(s) and ended up leaving (which I regretted). Was in TR for about 5 months this second time. 

Violent Resolution

What was your highest rank: Senior Member How long were you involved with this clan: 8 months Why are you no longer in it: After the first crash war ended, things got really boring and I did not really fit the community. When did you leave: 2009/2010 

Banned from Zybez/First retirement

So I was banned from Zybez whilst I was a member of VR. I burned many bridges in my clan career because I had a big ego and clan hopped a lot after TR. 

I tried to get W13 to unban me but he wouldn't budge. Since I could not interact with the community under my real identity I gave up and retired.

Brief period where I came back under the alias "Bravelove"


It was okay, not the "THE" of old. More skilling focused.


The last real clan I was in. Had a good 5 month stay here. They were a solid bunch of Europeans. 


When OSRS came out I did not want to max combat all over again. So I mostly skilled. No more CLANS. RETIREMENT. THE END.


Who do you know in Tempest?
People who were active in clan world from 2006-2010ish should remember me.

Are you interested in joining?
- No because Jagex making everyone re-train their accounts after RS3 was an unforgivable sin in my opinion. Also the lack of support they showed RSC clans over the years.

Besides my OSRS account is only 70 combat and I have no time to train it to 110. 

Brief Introduction

Recently turned 30 and am currently focused at trying to make a career in game development.

After retirement from runescape I played EVE online where I found the "pking" similar to RS but with spaceships and more advanced tactics.

Currently waiting for the game Star Citizen which is the next MMO I intend to play regularly if it ever releases.

I hope all the oldschool clanners are doing well and pursuing their dreams!

Shout out to "Oli" who mentioned my name in a Tempest forum post which I found after googling my old rsn.


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1 minute ago, Brian said:

Welcome, good to see a detailed intro.

Now there's a name that rings a bell. I had no personal involvement in DI but always respected it.

Fun random fact: I used to be good friends with "Franzk".

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