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Runescape Name (Don't post if login name)
Titan 666

Preferred Name 
Big Jefferz
Lord Farquad

Current Clan
Damage inc

Previous Clan History
Team Beard




Who do you know in Tempest?
Brian - Randy fucking no namer, paid me in foot-rubs to put him down as ref

Inf' - Your local swole, bald fella looking for love, message him your ASL if you're 16 & under

Ashley - We e-dated on the sly in Di because she was pumping some Finnish fella

True 2k8 - Rattled his missus whilst he watched after he posted an ad on craigslist

Wee Man - He's your local leftie and we all know how they feel about inclusivity, so here he is; included

Scleritis - Literally brought this gimp up from the dregs of the private server clan scene and moulded him into what he is today

Severed - Helped him out in Di teamspeak when he was getting racially abused once, now he's like my shadow

Focus Teemo - Made him into a quasi celebrity with the infamous 'Woonteemo' need I say more?

Mk17 - Met him in a bar in Southampton, he complimented my Gucci belt because he was about head height with it. Weird fella but harmless, it's a shame he thought getting a lip ring would help boost his Grindr profile but who am I to judge?

Victoria - After me and Ashley split up, Victoria was my rock, I used to film her content for OnlyFans & in turn she would pay for my RuneScape membership. Love you x

Are you interested in joining?
Yes - the return of the king of Gielinor is nigh.

Brief Introduction

Hi, I'm Geoff. 27 years old and my main hobby is going on Tinder dates and inflating my body count to combat the crippling loneliness I feel from having the personality of a serial super-rapist, and the emotional availability of a damp cloth, but I occasionally like playing 2D medieval roleplaying simulators, which makes me like you, so, don't hold my qualities against me x

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[13:09] <+Jubita> i just don't care where he is from, idc if he has family issues or was born with mental problems. It's his problem not ours.





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