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Shinydude100's Intro


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Preferred Name 
Ya'll can call me Hugo for RL me, Shiny if you knew me on RS, or Fanjita if you game on PlayStation

Current Clan
Some Random Clan That invited me on RS3

Previous Clan History

UBH (Unknown Bounty Hunters) -> Gladz (The Gladiatorz)


Who do you know in Tempest?

Are you interested in joining?
Just introducing myself ?

Brief Introduction

Hello everyone, if you're reading this, it's because:


1. You have an unhealthy addiction to RuneScape.

2. Everyone still loves the fact that you love RuneScape.

3. I can't think of anything but if you want to get your a$$ beat in the duel arena, 1v1 me bro.


I'm not a fan of introductions, that's why you can look up the definition of Shinydude100 by simply searching Urban Dictionary. Everyone knows who I am by now on there. 



Don't like visiting links? I'll save you the click you beautiful, wonderful...no click-following looking.... you get the idea.



1. The Best RuneScape Vidder in Clan; UBH 
2. A Unknown Bounty Hunter Member 
3. Best Friends With Dark, Elias, Knightofmure, Basit, Avni, AngelKat, Kcfan, Lil Mal0, (Your Name Here) In case i was dumb to forget you.
"Shinydude100 is the best vidder on RuneScape! OMG!!"
by Shinydude100 April 07, 2008
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