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Greetings Tempest


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Runescape Name (Don't post if login name)
Preferred Name 

I've gone under the name Duck for 2008-2015 & Changed to Epic since 2015.
Current Clan
Previous Clan History
Pure clans (Mm/Eop)
pre-eoc I was in MM till RS3 got released
Osrs pure-scene : since release I was in Eop till we closed (2019)

Who do you know in Tempest?
Ashley & Kim (I suppose Kim isnt in tempest but, she knows a few)
Are you interested in joining?
Sounds like F2P main scene is active, so sign me up.
I've always been interested in the Main-scene, Ever since Eop closed.
I've been in-love with the F2P scene ever since 12-13years back & it never changed.
Brief Introduction
Sub to Ashleys twitch
& I love videogames, Its kinda what I do 24/7

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