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SB Havoc's Intro


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Runescape Name (Don't post if login name)
SB Havocc

Preferred Name 

Current Clan

Previous Clan History

Soulbane – nooby community clan that did low leveled f2p PVP

RSD – Trial Member before they closed


After EOC

Trial Member for DF



Who do you know in Tempest?
Seen a few familiar names

Are you interested in joining?
Perhaps, if the stars align

Brief Introduction

I am pretty laid back. I like the PVP aspect of RS. I quit about 1-2 years ago and have recently made a return. Looking to get into clanning again now that I have the time to. I play the game to have fun on my down time, but I do have a real life I got to tend to as well.



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7 minutes ago, heureuse said:

heyy I remember you from the RCW community. u & Aquos were SB's dynamic duo


Is it really you?


edit: what's your discord tag let's talk

Yo! Yea Aquos and I were tight! I haven't heard from him in a while. We left SB to join RSD together and then jumped on OSRS together. We didn't know much outside of SB before and regretted not jumping on board sooner. After OSRS launched, I ended up fizzling out and he joined DI for a cool minute then quit shortly after. 


Havoc#5197 Add me! It's pretty cool catching up with everyone

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