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Runescape Name
- Pnc t th Dsc. 
Preferred Name 
Ace. I've tried using other names in the past, nothing ever stuck.
Discord ID
Current Clan
- None
Previous Clan History
BK, BK, Genesis, Eos, DForces, DFall, Impact(No one appears to be going into any details on their lists, so ask away if you need anything)
Are you interested in joining?
I dunno. I say that like it's a meme or something, but honestly, I don't. I don't want to offer a commitment when I might not be able to keep it going. Also don't know if there's anyone out there that has issues with me(can't think of anything but I'm anxious af). I'll be honest, if you do, I'm down to settle it somehow, but otherwise it's 2020 and I just don't want to deal with the immaturity. 
Brief Introduction
- You all know me as Ace, although there was a slight period of time where I used the name Vincey around 2013 in an attempt to stop dealing with the age old question of "Which Ace are you?" I'm getting back into to play OSRS again, should be finishing up Song of the Elves tonight which is kinda hype(Gauntlet is closer to Dungeoneering than Raids are and I want that shit). I kinda just want to embrace the old communities again, maybe do a bit of warring if I get the opportunity to.


If you're wondering where I've been during this time, prior to this I've been playing a lot of rs3(have a top 1k Ironman there called "Forever Goth"), which kinda worked out just because that game is afk to the point where even if I'm busy, I can still play. OSRS really isn't as afk, but I'm making the effort mainly because I do genuinely miss having a community to interact with and hang out with when I'm available. Just putting this info out there because whenever I'm not actively playing on OSRS people tend to get weird ideas about where I'm at or what I'm up to. 










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