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Runescape Name


Preferred Name 


Discord ID


Current Clan

no current clan

Previous Clan History

I used to be in the Wilderness Guardians. 

Are you interested in joining?

Yes I am interested in joining 

Brief Introduction

My friend Vio recommerecomtempest might be a good fit for me. I spent over 15 years in WG and the last couple of weeks there has made it painfully obvious that the staff in the clan with the exception of one or two dont care about the members unless they do end tier content. It also showed they dont care about how much time and effort someone puts into the clan in the end you're just a number....

I'm very dedicated to what ever I put my mind and effort into, both in game and irl. I currently live in the states. When not in game I'm usually out hiking, running or walking as I like to keep myself in shape. Often times I like to be in disc when I walk. 


in game I like to pk and do some pvm content as well. The majority of my experience is from pking.

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Sorry to hear about what happened with WG..  that level of commitment to a clan can't be overlooked

We are still small and building up our foundation, but we'd love to have you around. Get to know people in Discord/TS etc. and see what you think of our community. 


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Welcome to the forums! That’s some feat to be in a clan for that long, such a shame things ended as they did but when one door closes another opens! See ya around discord buddy!!

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