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AMA - Mat K

Mat K

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Do you think social media/fan sites (Reddit/Zybez/Tip.it etc) effected Old School RS in a positive or negative way? 

Do you think ROT are as scummy as the average player seems to think they are?

Assuming you're allowed to discuss it, do you think Jed really was influenced by ROT to do what he did?

How stressful is the new job compared to your work at Jagex?

Were PvP clans ever taken seriously or were they seen more of a nuisance? 

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Do you play runescape?


Do you play any other online games?


What was your favorite update to runescape?


What was your least favorite update to runescape?


How long have you played runescape?



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After all the push back, why did Jagex continue to do EOC? 

It’s like they knew it would kill the game, did they plan on RS07 years prior?

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I recently made a comeback to OSRS during the pandemic. I was shocked to see that you were no longer with Jagex.

What was the deciding factor in you parting ways with Jagex?

Do you still work in the gaming industry?

How was working with Jagex unique compared to the rest of the industry in your opinion?

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Did jagex  ever take true pvp clan seriously or were they more of a loud minority to you guys?


thanks so much for doing this btw!

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I know you didnt work on it but before you left whats the deal with the state of RS3, is it just being dragged out now with no intention of fixing it?  I remember in your interview with Shauny you talked about Jagex research shown games on their last legs needed MTX so OSRS was safe and well, if you look at RS3..

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2 minutes ago, Ace said:

Hey Mat, what do you think about clans and their place on old school runescape?

I think they are an essential part of the future of OSRS. I spent a lot of time in clans back in 04-08 and I know the importance of them when it comes to group content and there is an obvious drive to encourage group content in OSRS right now.

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What is your favorite Skill in OSRS? 

If you were going to join a clan, What do you think is the most important thing to look for before joining is?

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