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Your favorite expensive purchase?


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What’s something you spent a lot of money on that you think is worth it?


For me, probably an Apple Watch! I love the metrics it provides and am obsessed with closing the circles which keeps me up and active! 

also everything I buy for my wonderful Winston.... he is a gift to this earth. A sweet cherubic angel ❤️ 







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personal choice: my PC, spent probs the most i've ever spent on any 1 item on it and defo paid off for the amount of service i've gotten out of it


unselfish choice: putting money together with parents on a TV for my gran to see clearer / hear it better

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Probably my first trip to Japan a few years ago, had a blast every second of it


Second would be my PC I guess, still works almost perfectly after 4-5 years

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My house and all the renovations we've done so far lol. But like as far as things go that might look crazy overpriced to people... We purchased a "Litter robot" over a year ago.. it's expensive but holy shit so worth it. It's so nice to not have to ever scoop poop again, just take the bag out and toss it. And it has a carbon filter so that it ain't stinky. 

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Some of the expensive gifts that I've bought in my past relationships (perfume, watches, wallets, etc.) It is nice to see their reactions and the joy that they get, so it also makes me happy 😄 


As for myself, nothing really stands out, my purchases are usually something I can utilize every day (e.g. laptop, tablet, phone).

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My entire PC station. Close to $4000 on everything so far.

Started in 2018 with nothing except 1 monitor and a headset (for xbox).

Since then I've invested around $2500~ in my PC and another $1000~ on everything else (desk, chair, keyboard/mouse, 2 more monitors, etc)

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