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Shiny hat trick and a bonus🤩


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13 minutes ago, S3lvah said:

why are so many shinies pickle-colored lol

Because many shinies were created via algorithm that essentially moved the color palette of the Pokemon over to the next suitable one. Since this started back in Gen 2 on the GBC where the color palette was already quite limited, you ended up with a lot of puke colored shinies. Unless they were specifically modified(like Charizard's shiny being edited individually). And this method was used until Gen 6 when the main line games changed from sprites to 3D models which work differently(so all Gen 6+ mons have custom shinies essentially).These shinies carried over from console to console and eventually they were brought into PoGo which didn't change anything.

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15 minutes ago, Frankventura said:

Wow that was really lucky! Only did one mewtwo today but Im expecting to do some more 2morrow after go fest

Go fest is about to be 🔥🔥🔥

You picking rock star or pop star?

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