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greetings to all from the land down under :D


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Runescape Name 

Preferred Name
-OG Whyse is just fine. 

Current Clan 
-None currently, as i have been inactive for the last 3-4 years.

Previous Clan History
-Honestly cannot remember any besides 1 clan i use to roll with back in 2003-04 The chaos Crusaders.


Who do you know in Tempest?
-Tempest30, we go all the way back to the golden years of runescape.

Are you interested in joining?
-Indeed. im very interested in joining. But atm my combat is not yet at the required level to join this clan. Give me the opportunity to reach these goals so i can one day be apart of this clan.

Brief Introduction
-Im OG whyse, borned and raised in new zealand (currently living in australia), just an older player who went M.I.A when they announced back in 05-07 they were changing runescape. which is why i quit in the 1st place. But im back with a vengance :D and im looking for a clan who i can depend on and who can depend on me when needed. Feel free to add me in game :D im always up for good banter. 

thanks for taking the time to check this out. hope yall have a good day/night.

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Hey bro! wassup! happy 2 see ur community intro. We met back in world 35 castle where we pked, there are some other w35ers here aswell btw. 

U forgot to mention u where in ruby devils with me led by elf wizard4. Clan was alive for less than a year so meh haha. You will fit in here nicely. Work on ur training. Pm me if u need anything.



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thanks for the welcome everyone, already feel like im at home 😄 ill definitely do my best to hit those requirements to join! 

gotta join the best to be the best right? LESGO 😄

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