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Happy birthday Violent Resolution

Mk 17

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Today VR is 15!¬†ūü•≥¬†


happy birthday VR 


Today we celebrate an incredible occasion, the 15th anniversary of Violent Resolution!


Our rich, remarkable history and exciting journey has has been unique from any other clan, starting out as a merge between Hostile and Awaken on the 7th of August, 2006. 


To this day, we continue our operations with a 24/7 active and social community, sharing the experience together daily through discord, forums, teamspeak and events.


Since day one, the clan world had written VR off, and the expectation was that we would quickly close. 


This has continued to be the story of VR for the last 15 years - They write us off and we prove them wrong, against all odds, every time.


Our success and achievements have been absolutely colossal, from becoming the #1 clan, to winning multiple Jagex Cups, pulling record numbers and the many major victories we have earned over every clan in the game.


The success of VR is of course owed to the vast community of people who have loyally served the clan through the years. The committment and dedication is beyond compare and the allegiance that our community has shown is unparalleled.  It is astonishing how many people have contributed to VR in so many ways and there is no other clan around that could match the years of service provided by VR members.


For many of our members, VR has been a part of them for over half of their lives. The special relationships and bonds that we have developed with eachother through VR are deep, from being youngsters playing the game together to becoming adults, witnessing, helping and supporting eachother through life. 


Our staggering journey has given us plenty of highs and lows. We have actively competed at every level, in every arena, in every mode and through every era of the game since 2006. Due to our high activity, our carefree attitude and our desire to simply have fun, we have made many enemies. Always voted the most hated clan, we have had many rivalries, major battles and crash wars and have been continuously targetted with ddos, hacking and doxing. We have been through it all, but we thrive off the attention and the challenges that come with it. 


Many have tried to vanquish us and they have all failed - as the outcome always remains the same - VR standing strong.


Whether people love us or hate us, there is no denying that VR plays a major role in the clan world and we have always shaken things up and made it more interesting. 


To all VR members past and present, new and old, we thank you, we commend you and respect everything that you have done, and continue to do for the clan. This is indeed a special milestone and we will always go even further, as VR will be here for life.


Unbowed, Unbroken, Undefeated.

Pride, Passion, Belief.

Violent Resolution,

A clan like no other.

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hb vr



SOLACE - 2009


Castle Wars Community 2010 - PRESENT

Tempest Community Intro - PRESENT




On 7/24/2021 at 5:56 AM, Victor said:

Something tells me that you are going to achieve greatness in here.


don't ask me why... I just feel like if you stay active and present you will be someone to look for in a near future


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