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What Are Your Favourite Minigame(s) and Why?


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List one or more of your favourite minigame(s) and why it is your favourite.


1. Castle Wars


There's a very competitive, complex and mechanical nature to Castle Wars that is very fun.


Private Castle Wars games can consist of as just two examples:

-  3 v 3 (Score versus defence) then swap sides.

- 10 v 10 (4 magers, 4 scorers, 2 pk defenders on both sides)


The varying mechanics make it great fun as the use of barricades to your advantage / tinderbox to stop scorers and using crossbow mechanic to last-second cade out a player is great fun; ZGS to freeze your opponent and spear/freeze/spear/freeze timing (although this has been nerfed a bit recently)



Themed games are also fun, but saboteurs (players purposefully dropping 10 barricades in random areas to stop strategic defending) can be very frustrating. 


Here are some videos from the Castle Wars Community:





2. Clan Wars


The setup of fights and the coming together of clans in a place where there can be a clear winner is fun and exciting.

From the J-Cups to just fun clashes of clans, take a look at some of my favourite videos:




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SOLACE - 2009


Castle Wars Community 2010 - PRESENT

Tempest Community Intro - PRESENT




On 7/24/2021 at 5:56 AM, Victor said:

Something tells me that you are going to achieve greatness in here.


don't ask me why... I just feel like if you stay active and present you will be someone to look for in a near future


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On osrs

Soul wars is prob the most fun because if it's on an active world even on the losing team its decent


Lms used to be fun bots and clienters are annoying 


Castle wars would be fun if it wasn't full of leeches and spastic sabos 


Ba is fun with friends cancer with randoms 


Would love to see sc/fog/gop on osrs as well as new stuff and maybe dungeoneering as a minigame rather than a skill








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Tinderbox users should get cancer and that mechanic needs to be removed ASAP


On topic:

Barbarian Assault (OSRS)

Stealing Creations (RS3)


Tempest Old School

~ Dear You ~





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Hey that's my video!


Hands down clan wars. I'm certain I've spend over 50% of my time in Runescape 2/3 in there. With 15-20% in the wilderness and the rest towards getting 2485 total level.

I wish the pathing wasn't weird in OSRS so the Turret and Classic Map would actually work properly. I would have loved to do W141 style fights in the early days of OSRS.

The good old days



Tempest 1.png

~ By B4uz ~



~ By Ace ~

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