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  1. i had to do it for the bants
  2. Mohd

    Sig for Brian

    rune chain errything it looks dope
  3. in where I live we have different types of pizzas shawarma pizza(not joking btw) spicy chicken ranch shrimp/sea food
  4. Mohd

    Olmlet for Pluvius

    Took you a while LOL
  5. 1. jmorg(?) - ive been trying to remember who called in EOC for DF when i joined them that guy was the worst caller i've ever heard during my clanning career @true help idk if it was jmorg or someone else 2. Kenshn_x 3. silv le 4. warlord of vng - runescapemj1 or someshit 5. ambush himself aka daviddamage
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