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Tempest vs Latin Crew (CWA)


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Tempest -vs- Latin Crew

It was another turbulent day in Tempestville when True 2k8 and his band of merry-men massed up for a different style of fight against Latin Crew. Tempest set out to use our finest 20 warriors in an oldschool, knockout style war in a new map (Clan Cup).


Round One

Tempest had a strong pull and were able to cut down to the appropriate number for round one. Latin Crew put up a hearty fight but were unable to match the elite tanking of our Tempest warriors and eventually left the cc when the advantage became too large to catch up.



Round Two

We switched out a few soldiers and prepared ourselves for a tenacious round two. Latin Crew had every intention of avenging their round one performance, but we refused to waver and with the capable calling of our gallant leader True 2k8 (he's back), we were able to establish our dominance once again.



Round Three

We decided to turn round three into a first to 25 kills run in, after winning the first two rounds handily. In this bout, we rotated some of our most elite warriors in, thanks for lending us your skills Ryan. This round was a little closer, but with some great transitions in the middle, we affirmed our dominance one more time.



Round Four

This round required all members under the age of 25 to leave the portal. Needless to say this round didn't go as smooth... hard to see the piles without our glasses on, and the clicks weren't quite as quick as they used to be. ?


Thanks for the fun Latin Crew! It was a great experience warring on a new map, and we were glad to have an extra round to expose our boomers (download Runelite boys, running OSRS off your floppy disks is too laggy). Great effort Tempest, we really turned on the style today. :classic_love:

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4 minutes ago, Vanuckle said:

@Tika191 wanted to show off his photography & editing skills.

Uh huh. I mean I'm positive we have many people here including myself(jk btw I'd always forget) who are used to having to take ending pics.

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