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1 Month Back

I Kill Batty

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One month ago I happened to have gotten a minor surgery which led to me having a bit of free time from work during my recovery period. Coincidentally during this time, @Scumpr reached out to me to attempt to drag me back into this shithole of a game, after some back and forth I agreed to give it a shot. I however left the game about 7 years ago, and gifted my level 126 account away to a friend, so I had to start a fresh account, but because I'm a fucking retard I ended doing two accounts this time at the same time. After 1 month of progress on both accounts, this is where I stand.


1345 & 1346 total on both accounts, 103 & 104 combat on each. Working on base 70 in some skilling stats. I also just managed my first firecape on one.



Quest points: 138 on each, same quests done on both




Going forward, my goals for the next month stat wise are 115 combat, 70 Smithing, 70 Agility, 80 Prayer, 70 Firemaking, 70 Woodcutting, 70 Mining, and with any luck 1500 total. For quests I'm aiming to at least hit 175 QP and to finish RFD this month.

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Please if you spot these missing robes, have them returned to Panda|Mike for a reward.






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