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  1. Voted 2006 because I thought it was a time period of rapid change/innovation in the clan world. In early-mid 2006, a lot of the more dominant clans transitioned from ~2-4 hour PKRIs to the longer format seen in subsequent years. There were several clans that saw considerable growth by the end of 2006 that promoted competition that wasn't present early in the year (DI and DS were clearly the top dogs in 2005/early 2006, with Corr being a clear #3). Prior to 2006, I felt like the transition into early RS2 was a weird time where there were large battles, but the clan world was trying to figure itself out. I enjoyed the period between 2007 and 2009 - and it sounds like I may have missed some good years after that as I quit the game. I think the beauty of the period between late 2006 and 2009 was that there wasn't a clear #1. All of the top ~7ish clans had their period where they potentially claimed that spot for a few weeks-months, but no one was surprised at the time to see the "#1" lose a fight to any of the other top clans. The competition was really healthy for the clan world.
  2. Happy birthday Tempest! Here's to many more in the future!
  3. Top Artists — Long Term (years) Amon Amarth Gloryhammer Black Sabbath Dark Tranquillity HAMMER KING Ensiferum Alestorm Korpiklaani Heaven Shall Burn Primordial Insomnium Falconer Bathory Turisas Null Malokarpatan Blood For Blood None Dimmu Borgir Sabaton At The Gates Kalmah Rhapsody Candlemass Wintersun Between The Buried And Me All Out War Electric Wizard Fvneral Fvkk Windir Top Tracks — Long Term (years) Doommaker — Old Man's Child Fannybaws — Alestorm Solitude — Candlemass A Man with a Plan — Korpiklaani Dunwich — Electric Wizard Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer — Behemoth Symptom of the Universe - 2013 Remaster — Black Sabbath Holy Thunderforce — Rhapsody Versus the World - Live at Summer Breeze: T-Stage — Amon Amarth De To Spellemenn — Myrkgrav
  4. Flumm is in the EH discord and also has an account on these forums. @Flummbullen @Valaraz
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoduck
  6. I remember Des and Clug from my time in Gladz - wanted to start by saying I'm glad to see you both around and hope you've been well. Wanted to say hi to Monkey as well. We didn't have the best relationship in EH/after EH, but I hold no grudges from a long time ago. For Clug: I was always really impressed by TMRD while in Gladz, and then later when TMRD had wars/capped PKRIs with EH. I felt like TMRD had greater activity and desire to be involved in PKRIs than the other alliance clans. Did you find that there were a disproportionate number of TMRD joining TR relative to the other alliance clans? For Des: Why do you think TR was such an appealing option for many ex-DS members? For HS: You mentioned disappointment from the lack of PK dedication in "The." What was your opinion of Germs22? For all: When Sooz was in EH, I was not her biggest fan. I felt like she was a manipulative person who was more interested in her own advancement/popularity than the success of the clan. She was an intelligent individual, but I felt like she used that intelligence to the detriment of EH when she did not get what she wanted. Do you have an instance that you can recall that she tried to leverage her popularity/others in the clan against the leadership's decisions? For all: I feel like TR was a clan born slightly too late. There were a lot of people in the Alliance that were desiring a more PK-oriented experience around 2006 and dispersed to other clans. If formed slightly earlier, it is possible that TR would have captured a lot of those folks that went elsewhere. Additionally, around 2006, EH, VR, and DF were all pulling around ~60 people (still fairly low). They really built off each other through competition and rivalry. TR could have also grown off that competition. Do you think TR might have looked different if formed a year earlier? For all: What do you think TR's greatest strength was in PKRIs? For all: Pre-EoC, how was TR's relationship with CL? A clan that was generally of similar size and perhaps of a similar situation (often limited to a certain style of fight due to timezone). For all: Pre-EoC, how would you characterize your rivalry with The Red Devil Clan? @Dubbel Drank and I were talking about the TR-RDC rivalry recently. You all should be proud of the mark TR made in Runescape. TR started at a time when making a new clan was tough and stood the test to time relative to many others created in the same period. Respect to you all and to TR - Thanks for doing this AMA!
  7. Witcher series (favorite = 3) Final Fantasy series (favorite = 6) Darkest Dungeon Total War (favorite = Warhammer) Shout out to childhood games I played a lot but haven't really replayed as an adult Legend of Dragoon, Elder Scrolls, Wild Arms, Chrono series, Zeldas, Pokemon, Conker's Bad Fur Day (this game was awesome as an elementary schooler).
  8. Love Ensiferum. Don't mind the new Ensiferum, but I liked Lindross better in Norther. Followed Jari since a similar time to you. If you haven't heard it before, check out his early works in Immemorial and Artemesia.
  9. 3lite

    Jebrim AMA

    Religious individuals follow and abide by their own set of moral codes. Different denominations and organizations follow different guidelines. What one group finds morally unacceptable, another may actively embrace. In Runescape, each clan has its own set of moral codes that attracts a certain type of individuals. Historically, we've seen such things as: - Returning in a battle being "dishonorable" (Alliance clans from ~2004-2006) - Looting being frowned upon, sometimes leading to disciplinary action (many clans throughout history) - Insulting or "flaming" individuals from other clans on community sites leading to a kick/temporary clan ban (Eternal Honour) - Praying in P2P single being punishable (Damage Inc from around 2007ish) - Rules against 1-iteming/welfare gear (many clans throughout history) - Rules against multiboxing or account sharing On the flip side, we've seen some clans (and probably progressively so from early times) disregard all rules. We've seen that when one clan plays by rules and an "honor code" it can be taken advantage of and preyed upon. Given the above, would you draw parallels between Runescape clans and religion?
  10. From here on out, I think I'm going to try to change up the style of the thread. Rather than me sending back metal, it should be folks trying to enjoy something new from the poster above and then responding by posting something in a different genre that you think they may enjoy. See the original post for the updated format!
  11. Know this album well. 🤘 Good choice - I enjoy my deathcore. Going to go listen back through the whole album now. I could post back some deathcore, but the thread is about trying to expose people to stuff they wouldn't normally listen to. So here is a very different, but (I think) very good Chinese black metal band:
  12. Really appreciated that. Hadn't listened to Nightwish in a really long time and don't remember ever listening to this song in particular. The ending was really epic and I'll probably go back and relisten to it. The symphonic and "epic" style reminds me a lot of this band. It definitely ramps up as the song goes on. I think you'll enjoy this song a lot:
  13. Scleritis with the really tough rap songs to find analogues for. I focused on the lyrics being about other rappers dissing. Going to link a pretty weird one back to you, but given that we're all Runescape nerds, it might be worth a shot. This one is what I would consider fantasy genre style trash talk.
  14. This one was a really interesting concept - more of a story than a song with a lot of pain in it. This one tells a story about a man struggling with alcoholism and how uses drinking to combat/forget the pain of life. Lyrics are in the video as they aren't clean vocals.
  15. Thanks for sharing that one. Because of the use of synths, I thought I'd try to send metal that incorporates that as well. Because of the operatic style vocals, I thought about the following song. Not sure if you'll be into the weird sci-fi theming:
  16. 3lite

    Jebrim AMA

    If every character from Ruroni Kenshin and Yuyu Hakusho teamed up, could they defeat Krillin in battle? You mentioned in DBZ, you most associate with Vegeta. Who are you in the Kenshin world? Did you support Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in 2012? If so, was your opinion of him substantially different back then? If not, do you regret not voting for what you may (or perhaps maybe didn't) view as the lesser of two evils? If you were faced with a coding issue - you have limited time in your job. You can either update a 20,000 line application you've developed to a more modern language (say Visual Basic -> Python) or you can focus your time on improving algorithms in the existing model. How do you spend your time? What was your all-time favorite Superbowl commercial? Given your regrets for watching porn, if you saw an "accidental" nudity slip in a Twitch stream or on TV, would you feel shame, or would you have accepted that it was out of your control?
  17. A very different style than what I normally listen to, but found stuff I could appreciate. Thought the operatic female vocals were a nice touch and the background was catchy. Liked the contrast of both of these with the lead vocalist and heavy themes of the song. This'll be a tough one to make a recommendation for. Thought I'd share a song with clean vocals and a catchy beat that goes throughout the song:
  18. Ahh! All that Remains. I haven't listened to them in probably 15 years. Appreciate forwarding it along for a listen. I noticed the emphasis on guitars, particularly the instrumentals around 2:30. A very different style, but I thought you might appreciate the guitar in this one:
  19. I enjoyed this one. A lot of energy in the instrumentals and vocals. Thanks for sharing! This one has quite a slow start (first 1:30 are pretty slow) and has a very different musical style than what you linked. Feel free to give 'er a try if you'd like:
  20. 3lite

    Jebrim AMA

    Respect for having the courage to express who you are as a person even though I have very different life views to you. Also, respect for being so dedicated and focused towards a goal that was meaningful to you. What was/is your favorite activity to do while agility grinding. Music? TV show? Or do you just power through? If agility wasn't a skill in OSRS, what would you have gone for instead? Have to add one trolly question in honor of my man @Mk 17. Would you rather pork AOC, knowing that she isn't marriage material, or Ted Cruz if he underwent gender reassignment surgery and became a female (definitely not gay) but still looked like Ted Cruz?
  21. Of the three songs linked so far, I enjoyed this one the most. The mixture of clean vocals and more peaceful instrumentals mixed with the second singer and different instrumental pacing was nice. Give this one a try!
  22. Thanks for sharing this. The song was much more focused on lyrical/vocals than instrumentals with a fairly upbeat nature. Dang, this is a tough one on what to send back. I considered sending an acoustic, but think I'll go with a similarly uplifting song that is really focused on the vocals/lyrics.
  23. The song had a bit of a chaotic tone, with a similar fast paced riff going throughout the song. There was a lot of anger in the song. I enjoyed the song, but my name definitely from a less cool source. Give this one a try if you'd like - it is different to the one you linked but I think contains a lot of the same emotion/chaotic qualities:
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