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  1. Legend. Don't feel too special, True did this to all of us.
  2. Posting for the nostalgia. TT was one of the best rivals DF ever had. Plus, these have been collecting dust for 12 years, no better time to show them then around the TT camp fire.
  3. @Bishinmo @d0nts, I always knew when the two of you and kebab were on the field, it was always going to be a real challenge. What members from DF were you not looking forward to seeing?
  4. @Bishinmo despite history, seems like DF wore you guys down over time, causing some serious stress on your leading team. If you chose to add new pk leaders to your rotation instead of furloughing your best, who would you have nominated to lead TT in fights?
  5. Never forget 😎 @d0nts much respect. @Bishinmo I didn't know those scars ran so deep. The best people are the ones who never change.
  6. Runescape Name Homedawg90 Preferred Name Homedawg or Alex Discord ID ItalianStallion#9224 Current Clan Not Applicable Previous Clan History Divine Forces : 2005 - 2012; A couple months here and there afterwards Who do you know in Tempest? True 2k8, GL195, probably others Are you interested in joining? Not sure. I would say this is the closest to having an interest in a couple years. Brief Introduction I joined DF in 2005 under Death240. I became Head Warlord in 2007 and had so much fun while I was there. Leading DF into battle against many of the people in this clan, dare I say it was glorious. Not only did the constant wars, competitive challenges against DI, DS, CORR, Titans, and RSD leave a roll of memories that have turned to legend, but to have such a collaborative and collective effort with such a large group of people at that time, it was like playing in the Friday night varsity football games. Looking back, it was a lot of fun playing Runescape with everyone. Whether on the same side or looking across the field, it couldn't have happened without everyone involved. If I pursue Tempest, I look forward to making new friends while walking down memory lane, laughing at old memories. By the way, @Bishinmo put out some introduction like "You all know who I am, what I have done and what I'm capable of". This is what I remember,
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