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  1. You think True will ever lead a clan to a J Cup victory? Edit : Would you take the over or under on True leading a clan to a J Cup victory after a 30 year rs career?
  2. In online games, Pvp communities tend to cannibalize themselves. Today what is left is a small fraction of what was the zybez community. Do you think this was inevitable?
  3. Was your name chosen by some chief Indian watching King of the Hill or did you pick it?
  4. I remember you from RSD. Good times. Hope all is well.
  5. Homedawg

    IMK, AMA

    Happy 420 bitch.
  6. Homedawg

    IMK, AMA

    Remember those rot discord leaks when you were complaining about Bunty and myself doing an AMA here? I do. And here your are. I know there's a lot of turmoil internally since you are participating in an AMA on these forums. Ross's words were, "Why do it on their forums when we're still alive?" Going from 150 active members 10 years ago to 25 today sounds like your just about to pack it in. Well if you want to make a move.. The least you could do is fight Tempest in F2P so at least you have a chance to direct some of that anger. After all they did entertain you in p2p recently. Your squad's choice to not fight in F2P exemplifies your ability to not adapt. That's why you'll never embody the qualities of the original Divine Forces, your just the latest iteration.
  7. Yes but I want better comp.
  8. Beefing over a runescape pvm comp is so meta.
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    Lego - AMA

    Hey Rick, I always heard your foot steps in shadows but it's great to see you again. I'm really glad you returned. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say thanks for being the adult in the room full of kids. You were a great role model for many of us as you commanded with a clenched fist while showing cherished values to over 100 people. Many won't say this but people jumped on their computer to escape real life situations and environments and it was such a blast to be a part of the culture we developed. We were lucky. It was a never give up mentality through our 'two wrongs are only the beginning' mentality, lol. When I first started leading, I noticed you had the ability to galvanize all 150 of us while letting others lead in fights. In the heat of the moment, when the adrenaline is pumping, it's easy to get that rush going. When there was downtime, it was not the same. To maintain that intensity and determination outside of fights it required a different approach. I remember you used to write these topics pre fight that would make us feel as if this was our moment, our time, to do what we do best - win. Your topics carried such character that I began to study them. I too wanted to wield the sword without swinging it. Through studying your posts it taught me how to write with character, charisma, intensity, and power. It was proof for me that leadership was recognized in more than one fashion, and the one who cultivated all the attributes, was the leader of leaders. Fuck an english class. For many, those years were the building blocks of lives. To go through that maturity, with the guidance of an elder's wisdom, that will last a lifetime. Since this is an AMA, I have to put my two cents in; Did you think you'd ever seen everyone again, 11 years later, thriving in our discord? I have to admit myself, Scotticon, Saxo, and Dale did a hell of a job bringing the band back together. These may be friendships that will last a lifetime.
  10. Homedawg

    Lego - AMA

    Got one of these too.
  11. @true didn’t even know he found gold when he asked you to do this. This ama was quite fun. Hope to see you around so we can do this again in 2030 on true’s next clan site.
  12. The comments are flattering. D2master is a big name in my book. Those DF vs Corr rivalries days were some of the best because it was two ascending clans throwing it on the line every day. Older people have always said, the hunt tastes better than the reward. I remember seeing you on the other side day in and day out and it was a lot of fun. I found a picture I must have taken of an MSN conversation we once had. Since this is an AMA; how is your memory so crisp? Also, I know that being in those environments, having those responsibilities at 16, did develop into tools that helped my achieve goals today. Has your experienced help you? Lastly, do you have any recollection of the name, Pure Str G40? He wants some clout.
  13. This project is a work in progress.
  14. After many moons, those that make up and stand for what Divine Forces represents, united and stepped back into the Free-to-Play wild once again. The last 45 days have been nothing but a resurgence in the member base for Divine Forces as many old school members have returned and linked back up, reminiscing about the good ol' days. Divine Forces' strong intel, credit to @Saxo and others, have been able to bring good friends back together. As soon as we completed our mass at Mossies, we went up to spiders where the fight started between VR and EOS. ROT attempted to intervene but got attacked relentlessly by Divine Forces, Rev, EOS, VR and DF2. We continued to chop around the edges as we shook off our rust and got back into action. Overall it was great seeing the F2P restoration from clans, and we hope it continues. GF ALL. DF Starting: Pictures of Divine Forces' Event
  15. Thanks everyone for the walk down memory lane. Clanning with Divine Forces was a great experience.
  16. I enjoyed most of the events. There were none back then that I didn't really enjoy because it always felt great to go ham with the crew. When I came back in 2016 those fights were not fun. Purple was better. Before team 8, we wore team 1. I think this is a ss of it. I might have went to VR because of Cera. VR and DF were alike because we always liked to have a good time, but DF was more competitive and had less gaffes. He told me DF may muster up a fight with Tempest if we did this. DI - Brian DS - Franzk Corr - D2master TT - D0nts VR - Cera He was actually never under the influence back then, he just had high energy. It's surprising. Bishinmo leaking the private zybez forums to the public. And the screenshot was from me. I loved working with Omniusha, Lil2, Revnak, Weasel265 and more.
  17. I prefer f2p because there's more reliance on the clan as a unit then individuals. P2p was a bit less organized then so it was reliant upon the individual to make the right moves around his friends within his vicinity. F2p is about everyone being on the same page at the same time, and the collaboration that was required, is respectable. P2p has evolved and become may more organized then it was back then, but I like putting on that rune. I look back and regret not leveling up earlier and potentially could have gotten closer to warlord sooner than I did. My time as warlord-head warlord was very short compared to DF's life, so I would have liked to lead DF at that time. Also wish I established more good relationships with other clans. It goes a long way when they're able to collaborate. We used to have to deal with NI and the ability to AC with other clans was great. We were so competitive though that it blind sided us and sometimes worked against us. I remember fights when having to lead with 30 or so snipers on me only to return in a minute and do it all over again. I think they should do what they like to do and let time take its course. No, I prefer f2p all the way. When we started letting immature 16 year old millennials run the show. Probably f'd things up considerably.
  18. I think I was mad because I was one of the older players that that were being dropped during an inactive sweep. It bothered me for a while but I only lasted as an applicant for 2 weeks or so before giving that up. Only for your mom. From what I remember he was quiet and a behind the scenes type of guy. He didn't use a mic which I thought was different for DF. I will remember him a leader who did well with his time as leader just by maintaining the status quo.
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