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Hey Everyone


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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Current Clan

Previous Clan History
So many smaller/mid size clans (The Storm/Awaken, Nemesis, Four Horsemen, etc.) that eventually led me to Divine Forces.


Who do you know in Tempest?
Not many people personally, but I talk to True here and there. I haven't paid enough attention to see who is actually in Tempest and who just hangs around it, so I'm sure I know some people.

Are you interested in joining?
Nope just saying hi. I lurk on the forums occasionally and see a lot of old names around.


Brief Introduction
I started playing rs on classic, then started clanning towards the end of 03/beginning of 04. Jumped between a lot of clans and tried starting a couple of my own before eventually joining DF in 05. Was council until the end of 06 when Death240 retired and I got the opportunity to lead. Retired and unretired a couple of times up until 09 then called it quits for good. I mostly just pop in every once in awhile now to say hi to DF and talk to some old friends.

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