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Tempest fun in the sun 2021. [mand]

Mk 17

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Who’s coming one week in the sun, lots of fun 

March 2021

yes -

big hench and tanned mk

inf massive Friesland warrior 

Pete the anime legend


maybe (I might be bent and scared of the lads having RuneScape fun) -





if only I could make it -




Shall we have a holiday this year (DI event is [open] Malta 2021 £150 7 days I’ll probs be sunbathing most of it but I’m sure events will be going off.....


sign up fellas 



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4 minutes ago, Vanzant said:

Lol what


It’s always who built the pyramids and never how are the pyramids ? 



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March eh..


I'll definitely be able to come on Friday-Sunday but I'm still attending uni so weekdays are probably 50/50 depending on how my timetable is


If you're looking for sunbathing I'd definitely recommend April or even May though, March might be a bit too early, and April I can come over everyday cuz it's easter!!!

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sign me up


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