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Hello everyone, B4uz here.


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Runescape Name


Preferred Name


Discord ID


Current Clan


Previous Clan History

-VnG (Member) 

-DR (Member)

-Latincrew (Officer)

Who do you know in Tempest?

-There is a lot of people i know because of the F2P scene.

But the ones i know better are: Venenatis and The End

Are you interested in joining?


Brief Introduction

Hi, my name is Alberto and im 25 years old. Been playing RS since 2008 and been part of the clan scene since 2012-2013, cant remember exactly.

Irl im a Chef and a videogame nerd. I like going for long walks on quiet places like forests or not crowded parks, reading and traveling.

On RS i really like F2P fights, im not the best but i always try to do my best at the role im doing, either maging, ranging or calling.

Love doing new relationships and talking with friends about pretty much anything. Hope to get to know each one of you.

Much love and stay safe!

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Latin Crew Officer Tempest Member



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