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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 

Jesus of Methlihem / item / nerd 

Discord ID
dont use it enough for people to contact me on there, 

Current Clan
clanless due to working 60-80h+ a week :P

Previous Clan History
Crimson raiders -CR-. -UBH- Unknown bounter hunters,  -bp- banned players, [envy] "on my pure"


Who do you know in Tempest?

Are you interested in joining?
if i ever get some time i can attend a few events possibly. 

Brief Introduction

i've been playing rs a long time on and off like many of us  only still playing because old-school got released wouldn't be playing otherwise, rs3 sucks (no offence) used to be in ubh back in the day joined ubh because i got kicked from cr because they thought i was a spy, glad they kicked me though as i wouldn't of met people in ubh :P , some of the best times on the game would recommend people joining a clan - met some really nice people and it made runescape an amazing experience, don't have much time to play now as working alot but do get the odd days off.  currently trying to max but doubt i ever will. :P got told to make an intro anyways so please post your "welcomes" :) keep scapin'

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Welcome to the board Item ?


We were in CR together!

Edited by Pur3 Str0ng2


VnG Pur3 / Pur3 str0ng2 / I work high
= Vanguard Retired Leader, Tempest OldSchool =
= Ex Kissing the Shadows Council / Darkness Awaits CouncilCrimson Raiders Moderator - The Rising Elite member

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