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Empire Mind

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Runescape Name
- Empire Mind

Preferred Name 
- Steve

Discord ID

Current Clan
- Vr

Previous Clan History
- EoS, Df, Corr, Rot, Frozen Fury, Aggression, IP, Rev, Kill Orgy, Brutality, VR


Who do you know in Tempest?
- Anyone who is oldschool throughout pre EoC

Are you interested in joining?
- Don't have time even if I was interested ?

Brief Introduction
-  For anyone who doesn't know. My name is Steve, been an EoS warlord, Vr warlord, Corr warlord.

Used to take this game way too serious back in the day as I always strived to the best, but changed my attitude and don't start drama. Just enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces from over the decade and wish Tempest the best in your guys advantage.


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6 minutes ago, Dickus said:

that clan history would’ve given me a stroke 10 years ago

Most of it was when nobody did in top 5 did p2p so I joined p2p single teams or multi teams ?


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