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Experiment to find the best clan of all time


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It is clear from several recent topics that some people are still obsessed with the issue: Who was the best clan ever in Runescape? Despite 50 years passing, this has brought many people into a frenzy of frothing autism. Therefore once again EOS (me) shall step in to save the day, and provide the definitive answer to the question, thus defeating racism and all social issues for the whole world.

So we shall hunger games it. And the teams shall be thus

District 1; EOS

District 2: Tempest

District 3: Corruption

District 4: DI

District 5: DF

District 6:  EH

Distrcit 7: The titans

District 8: Reign of Terror

District 9: VR

District 10: Gladz + DS

District 11: Solace + Shadow Elves

Distrcit 12: RSD


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