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Elite series


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1-  Prison break nothing tops this.


2- Peaky blinders - This Is the closest to topping anything on this list. The history and meaning behind the show brings something new to a Tv series like i've never seen before, the drama, the tension, and everything about this show is just perfect. This has to be #2 for me unbiasedly.


3 - Power is too good not to be mentioned (storyline etc).


4 -  GOT Game of thrones - Elite in it's own way (pissed at the ending). 


5- Gotham - Probably not everyone's cuppa tea but is a solid top 5 for me - Really good understanding on a certain time of Batman/Gotham as a whole


Honorable mentions:

Money heist.

The punisher.

The walking dead. I completely forgot about a few shows and had to go back and correct myself most definitely worth a watch but doesn't make the list for me.

The Witcher - Was so pumped about this after paying the game when i was younger lived up to most expectations but not all Perfect beginning waiting for more now.

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1. The Wire - Simply untouchable, nobody has come close to competing with this absolute masterpiece. (Season 2 best season btw dont @ me)

2. The Sopranos - I'm a huge fan of the genre and Gandolfini was a monster on screen for the entire run.

3. Breaking Bad - Bryan Cranston knocked it out of the park on this one. So many memorable moments.

4. Scrubs - Nothing rides the line of comedy and drama like this show did. (Season 9 doesn't count)

5. The West Wing/The Newsroom - Aaron Sorkin gets a lot of shit for his unrealistic dialogue and story telling but I loved both these shows. 


Honourable Mentions:

Lie to me - Massive fan of Tim Roth and I loved the premise which kinda went of the window in later seasons but still rewatch this all the time.

House - Same thing as Lie to me but with Hugh Laurie. The first 3 seasons are great.

Game of Thrones - S1 to 5 were awesome, 6 was ok but 7 and 8 were just a total fucking train wreck and utterly ruined the entire show. What a shame.

Suits - Fun to start with but got tiring as they rehashed the same formula every season.

Spooks/MI5 - UK Spy show that I regularly rewatch

Hustle - Another UK show with a great premise that just went on far too long.

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I haven't watched a ton of "all-time great" series, so I won't make a full list. However, I think my favorites (that also stand up compared to others) are The West Wing and M.A.S.H.



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1-  Suits


Had a bit of everything. Drama, comedy and some very good film references. Really cleverly written, just a bit disappointed with the quality after season 6. Season 5 is probably the best season of any show I have seen before. 


2 - Band of Brothers 


Purely for cinematic experience and historical importance. It's one of the most gripping series' I have ever seen. 


3 - Breaking Bad 


So thrilling to watch and excellent acting from the main characters. Again, extremely gripping. 


4 - The US Office 


I loved the UK office but this was even more brilliant, the first season wasn't fantastic as it tried to be too much like the UK office but after that it was so funny and well written. 


5 - Sex Education 


I recommend everyone watches this, extremely funny British series. 


Other mentions: 


The Sopranos - Amazing well acted by Gandolfini, very very good. 

Friends - Cannot beat a bit of Friends to watch, something you can easily have on in the background and is always funny. 

Mad Men - Excellent story line, I like that it takes you in to the 1960s and has a different feel to other series' I've watched. 

Homeland - Just finished watching this, very tense but excellent throughout. 

House of Cards - Loved this season, sort of went sour when Kevin Spacey was found out. 

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Arghh its hard to decide what shows were the best. Lets see


1- Game of Thrones - One of the best series tbh. I tattoed my leg with "Fire And Blood" and bough all the books. My favorite book is the "Fire and blood" 300 years before of game of thrones. The dragons ruled the world


2- Breaking Bad


3-   Prince of Bel Air


4- Malcom in the middle


5-  Prison break

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