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How do people seem to remember which clans they were in 15, 10 years ago?


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Apart from the "big names" in clanning, it always fascinates me how some of these AMAs/intro topics mention a whole lot of seemingly-random clans from 15 years ago.


Personally, I don't remember which smalll clans I was a part of back in 2005/2006/2007-2011 lmao. No damn clue.


How do you actually happen to remember that one clan with 20-issh members back in 2005 or whatever? Is my memory just dumpy or is there a phenomenon happening here? ?

Not sure if you've heard: I was active on Zybez ?. created the RS Classic Fact Sheet

2005-13 era, spent my youth playing runescape


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For me I was in clans for the long run, either until they closed or I just couldn't do it anymore due to inactivity or whatever. Most clans a year+ (aside from EOS/NBK) so it becomes easier to remember.

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i imagine there's at least one impactful moment from each clan that burns into your memory, whether it's an event, a person, whatever


and if there isn't, i'm sure other people mentioning the clan probably helps








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I can remember the clans I was in to be fair but I do find it difficult with some dates I must admit. 




[X] Natural Born Killers Warlord || [X] Corruption Council || [X] The Titans Member || [X] Ronin Member

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Ive been in 5 clans l0l, and can remember most events/days of most of them


Ex-Envy Leader / Ex-Genesis Council / Ex-Divine Forces App Reviewer / Tempest Legend /






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