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Hey :)


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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Current Clan
No longer play Runescape.

Previous Clan History
Corruption - RSD briefly in between CoR stints.

Are you interested in joining?
No - No longer play Runescape.

Brief Introduction
Hey all, I'm Rob. Was known as Robtokill on Runescape. Participated pretty heavily in clans as the leader or Corruption for several years during the 2000's. I think I finished up my involvement in clans and Ruenscape around 2010?

I live in Australia and am 32 years old.

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2 minutes ago, Vanuckle said:

Hey Rob, we were just talking about you last night in Teamspeak.

Was at your clan rally, believe it was in Draynor?

Yeah I think we roamed around quite a bit of the world. That was pretty fun, I swear Jagex were taking out the wilderness with or without our input ?

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