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Top 5/10 F2P Clans of All Time

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1. DI

2. DF

3. CoR

4. RoT

5. RSD

6. DS - (Lack of longevity hurts)

7. VR

8. EH/EoS

9. EoS/EH

10. The Alliance

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Controversial so I'll try to preface with this...

There are some clans here because of their dominance over a short period of time; some clans here for their overall competitiveness over a longer period. There are some clans here due to their ingenuity. Other's here for their quality of member. I'll try to give an unbiased rational for all of them. My time period was late 2005 to early 2010 (spattering of clans in 2011 and 2012) so it will all be from that era...


  1. Dark Slayers | Imagine a runescape with hundreds of clans, each actively pking in the wilderness. Tens of thousands of little scapers involved in the clan scene. Picture topping this, and not losing against anyone for a year... It almost doesn't seem real. Of course, this is tough because DS were only really relevant for a year, maybe two at most. For some, they ruined what made clan fights great: full out, pull as many as you can, single death wars now became "dragging" and "returning". But as a little teen watching fights for the first time, seeing what they were capable of in that era (pre-voice coms) was unbelievable. 
  2. Damage Inc | Since this is a f2p only list, they go here for me. The most legendary name without a doubt. I heard about DI so early into my rs career. To me, there was always an aura that surrounded DI. A sort of mysticism -- I was active on zybez & they were hardly on there... of course, because their own forums were so popular. To me that made DI always seem like a sleeping giant. At times, they almost seemed to fade to obscurity and into the history books, only to surge again and again. 
  3. Divine Forces | I always thought DF were a cool clan to be in. Interesting members, always at the cutting edge of tactics, always actively PKing, and an fighting 'the right way' (with honour). Seemed to consistetly find a way to get it done throughout the different eras. There was always that "world police" or DFPD vibe from them, that they felt like they had to manage the clan world in some way or another, and often they could with superior numbers and organization. I would say that they were the most competitive clan throughout the entire 2005-2010 era. Maybe not always #1, but very, very rarely outside the top 3.
  4. Runescape Dinasty | Not everyone agrees with the way they approached prepping, but it's hard to deny their foundational relevance, as well as their organization and strength later in RS2... They were routinely one of the toughest clans to fight (due to their aforementioned prepping tactics) but you still can't deny their affinity to lay a beat down when they fought you. Always at the cutting edge of new tactics, new gear, new metas, etc. Not many clans that were this old had the ability to do that. Most got stuck in their ways, RSD were never afraid to evolve.
  5. Violent Resolution | It feels weird putting VR here -- I think part of it is influenced by the fact they've stuck it out this long. They would even admit that they never had great organization or leadership, never were strong man for man, never really fought fair, and despite all that... still stayed very competitive. Always found a way to recruit more and more, figured out ways to win fights that you wouldn't expect them to. Above all, were incredibly active. PK'ed more than anyone and could pull big numbers.
  6. Corruption | Would ebb and flow like no other clan. Had spells of dominance and spells of utter despair. Never really appeared to have balanced and stable leadership, but when they were on, were hard -- very hard -- to beat. Are tough to analyze because they had some revolutionary tactics, while at the same time, often seemed extraordinary slow to adapt. For instance, were elite at spying, new spamming tactics, had good snipe units, but slumped at the start of BH, Clan War era, and the return of the wildy.
  7. The Titans | Man for man, almost impossible to beat. Somehow always had the best tanks -- almost to the point where it didn't make much sense. Had some of the more legendary callers to ever lead. Appeared organized, well managed, and stayed out of trouble. Definitely peaked later but there were periods of insane dominance, especially late in the CWA / early PVP era where they were winning fullout fights against other top clans with 60-70 out of 100 still on the field. The Jcup in that period also solidifies this. 
  8. Eternal Honour | It's hard to rank my own clan because there is inherent bias. There were a number of surges from EH, and although we weren't as active as DF / VR / Cor, we still had multiple fights per week and were regularly competitive within the top echelon of clans. Probably not many clans who took community as seriously as EH, as well as genuinely being honourable (we AC'd as many fights as we fought in) and I think there's something to be said about going for #1 while refusing to spy, ddos, dox, leak, break fight rules, or otherwise cheat a victory. 
  9. Echo Of Silence | Would have dramatic slumps and crazy rises. Very unique clan in every sense of the word. Strange leadership, wild members, generally no regard for human life. Definitely memorable -- if more for their antics, but also were certainly feared at times.
  10. Shadow Elves | The reason I think SE deserve this spot is because of their quality and because they showed the clan world that 'new school' clans can come in and dominate. They were very powerful for a period of time and in doing so, paved the way for clans like CR, TR, Solace, Downfall, Envy to later break into and compete with older and more legendary clans. Very strong man for man, great callers, probably too short lived.


Mentions -- 

Reign of Terror | Were dominant in P2p during this era but not as active in F2p. Obviously became that way late in Rs2 (from what I've been told) and no question in OSRS (I just haven't been around to see it). Have obviously done whatever it takes to win, but have proven their skill over the years. What I have to respect is that from day one they never pretended to be anything else. Took some gusto to fly in the face of the clan world and be openly NH in the era that they first opened. Undoubtedly one of the most notorious and infamous clans in the game. 

The Runescape Warhungers Federation | Seemed to only fight Sunday GMT but were around for ageeeees and seemed to be ranked 8-14 for their entire existence, which is a tough feat while fighting exclusively in that timezone.

FOOLS | Were a dominant country clan early on and have continued that moving forward.

Chivalry Legion | Basically held the Aussie timezone for a decade.

Gladz & 'The' | Gladz in particular for their warring prowress, but the whole Alliance were a force to be reckoned with when I first joined the clan world. Everyone knew of 'The', and The Futures brought so many people in the clan world that it was hard to ignore their importance.

BlacKnights | Vanzant led them after all...

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