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Anyone hear about this cheat tool that's about to hit the FPS community?


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Sounds like doomsday propaganda but this was big news about a weekish ago. Most of the news posts about this were deleted(have a couple of dead links from it in disc) and I thought I was going crazy til someone linked this to me. 


Never really enjoyed FPS that much but what do you think about this?










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Not a big fan of FPS games, I feel like everyone but myself is using an aimbot 😄 ( I just suck obviously )


Not too sure what my opinion is, did not watch the full video as I don't have much interest but I belive theres a way to find everything.




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don't care about fps but people have always talked about undetectable this and that when it comes to gaming, not sure it'll be what it's cracked up to be 

if it does as much damage as they suggest it will then it'll just kill the fps scene and be pointless so lol








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FPS's are already plagued by cheaters. This will just cast a shadow of doubt over all new up and comers in certain FPS titles. Potentially the end of an era but MTX will still carry most games.

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Not too worried. Everything is detectable in one way or another, it's just how many resources companies put into and enforce anti-cheats. Take Warzone for example. It is plagued by so many wallhacks and aimbots, but Activision has been so silent and non-responsive on their anti-cheat that it's just running rampant now. Obviously nothing will be 100% preventable as hackers are getting smarter as time goes on. But it'll never be a very large scale problem.








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7 hours ago, Ace said:

Never really enjoyed FPS that much but what do you think about this?

im very much into FPS, been playing for more than 10+ years (and still do, even more than RS) and i guarantee you almost every competitive game atm is packed up with all sorts of cheats, custom botting, hardware hacks etc


now you either play with your friends just for the sake of it or you loose your mind dealing with a hacker per round. it's getting so blatantly obvious when they're cheating that this new type of bots makes it easier to quit the game sooner lmao


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