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Tempest: The Gods of RNG


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Tempest vs Wildmight

Ten days ago I was sent forth to find us a nice money harvesting competition. Wildmight being Chad's that they are would accept the call to compete against us. At once, the battle began and we would seek out drops in our earnest. We started rather dry with WM maintaining an impressive lead. Even so, like all storms, we would gain energy and strength if the waters deemed warm enough. Indeed, the RNG waters proved to be warm. We started gaining momentum as drop after drop began to trickle into our coin pouch.

Given time, we would take the point lead. Next the pet lead, and finally the wealth lead. WM was not going to surrender, though. We watched them tie and pass us on many occasions. They would take a 3-0 lead once more, but we would soon push forward to reclaim it. Through our strict dedication and by the might of our very masculine warriors... We managed to claim a slight edge in both points and wealth. Yet we would solidify our victory when True 2k8 called for us to return to our home field. The Corporeal Beast's Cave.


Moments before the clock would time out.. Tempest watched Ned Wade score. It was the sacred drop fantasized about only in Tika's wildest wet dreams.


This event was full of humor, memes, enjoyment, and a large amount of GP. A salute to the Tempest men & women who gave it their all for this comp. Another salute to WM for the nail-biting and friendly competition. It clearly benefited both of our clans, considering each of us brought in over 1 billion gold pieces. Not too shabby I'd say! 

2-1 In Tempest's favor.

  1. Tempest 450 points, 2,273,954,000 wealth, 4 pets
  2. Wildmight 403 points, 1,222,539,000 wealth, 5 pets

Member awards:

Many of you contributed heavily to our success in this competition, but two individuals went above and beyond, so we thought it would be nice to recognize their hard-work. Thank you @Stewie390 and @Teemo. Also special thanks to @Ace on making these sigs on last minute notice.



Also obligatory recognition to our Ely Unit.


A few highlights: 












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