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  1. Game planning for KD is harder than Giannis (on the offensive end) unless Giannis has a new post game/consistent jumper. Kyrie>Middleton. Bled has been trash for 3 straight years so I'm not sure why they chose him over Brogdon. Brooklyn hasn't played a game with their full roster yet so lets see but a fully healthy squad is a top 3 contender in the east.
  2. id rather have derozan than danny green and kuzma. unless 2014 danny green makes a comeback. Kuz was ok in the playoffs but negligible.
  3. Adelais vs SE was my personal favorite. I feel like Adelais had the upper hand in run ins but SE has a win over us in the one war we had. EOS vs VR i really liked as well.
  4. I'm not arguing against structure. I personally value frequency over volume (in a single day) and I agree with hitting muscle groups 3 times a week. It's hard to do that when you have a push/pull/leg split though. I don't think its worth for a beginner to be on a push/pull/leg immediately. It's better for a beginner to build work capacity and enjoy their best year of gains in a program that values frequency over intensity. Then after a year or so, they can evaluate and see what areas require work. That's when the push/pull/leg split comes in and you build out your program. I can give you a wall of text here but all I want to say is frequency is the parameter I value the most. Structure/splits are awesome, especially when it aligns with a person's goals. I just had a miscommunication with MK/Inf but we are super chill now lol.
  5. Nice to see you guys! I tried giving TF a shot after Phobia closed but you guys weren't into pking that much and the majority of TF was very hesitant about the ex Phobia (rightfully so). I did meet a few members who were extremely chill (Bobman/Micro/Saxo). I was just wondering if you guys kept in touch with Lethal Axe?
  6. Wow...the memories! Those are awesome finds man.
  7. "ROHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Sa18

    1. Go Leafs

      Go Leafs

      I miss that spaztic

  8. I think there was a RSC tournament (capped war so something like 30v30) after DS had closed and all the top clans participated. The final 2 clans were DF and DI and DF was a huge underdog. It was a big surprise for everyone when DF ended up winning that and I remember just being floored because DI was so above everyone else. But yea that 1v1 is epic lol.
  9. Leader Prannoy Cheezy Warlord Conditions21 Oli Mar Council Madhasan90 Buzzcut3 Qwertqwertbo Pk Leader Kinghill8 Aaronfan12 I had to throw in a couple of Adelais
  10. There is no such thing as a 'proper' split. Certain bodies will react well to certain routines while others wont. You have zero idea what the person's end result is and you are talking about a 'proper split'. Now that is bullshit. I didn't say a bro split was bad, it can work but you have to be an advanced lifter...Why the hell would anyone recommend a beginner to do a back/bi workout with a concentration curl programmed in? Your first year are the best year for gains, if you think specificity for a BEGINNER is better than frequency, I hope you're not a personal trainer.
  11. You're pushing a bro split on someone that is just starting to get into weight training? I'm no expert but I've seen enough both personally and with friends/random people to know that frequency is the king of everything. If I had to do it all over again, I would full body train for the first year before I even think about any back/bicep or chest day.
  12. Nice and along the same lines I wanted to ask about the core members. IMO, an underrated aspect of any good clan is its core membership base. Each clan has those 10-30 members that are quite active and make it easier for the leadership team to do their job. Out of all the clans that you've been in, which clan had the best core members and why?
  13. Hey Eric, I visited Cor forums a few times and it was cool how you guys treated guests. Anyways a weird question: do you remember Aville72 from Cor? I used to sell him magic logs and we both had no idea that we were in the clanning scene lol.
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