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  1. Those drops together....Huge gratz
  2. beyond control although dont know either lol Shadow Elves or Collision?
  3. Good to see u here man, we didn't get along much in Adelais but i'm glad you got positive memories of that experience
  4. Wasn't around to see it but the 60's Celtics led by Bill Russell deserve a mention here
  5. i actually play this game (still new - lvl 50 WHM) and i have no idea what im looking at
  6. This is a great exercise if you feel your lower back tighten up (i h8 WFH): I embedded a certain part which is the lying extension (exercise #3 in the vid).
  7. Been working 4 years in the accounting field and no i dont like it. Hopefully this year I break into the web dev sector of my bank...
  8. i would tell my forefather 'pass this message on to your kid and i dont care if it means nothing right now--> buy every bitcoin you can when it is $1 and hodl till 50k' - the future me of that timeline would be chilling
  9. A reddit user called DeepFuckingValue (lol) saw in mid 2020 that hedge funds had naked shorted Gamestop (140%) and decided to add it to his portfolio on the off chance that Gamestop survived. When a person decides to short sell something, they are hoping the price will go down so they can buy it back when it does and book a profit. A naked short is when more shares are sold than total outstanding shares. Example: Company A issues 10 shares which people buy and then fund X comes in and short sells 15. Fund X has to pay fees to the broker for short selling and provide collateral in case the price goes up. Naked shorting is very rare in the stock market and Gamestop is the only current example so this created an opportunity. Earlier in Jan, the stock price of Gamestop started rising as more and more people started to take notice at r/wallstreetbets and bought the stock. This movement went full insane this past week as more and more people started getting involved and its gone global. The gist of this is to have as many people buy Gamestop stock and continue to hold which will drive up the price. This price increase will force whoever short sold it to pay more to the brokers on a weekly/monthly basis because of the service provided + solvency issues. In addition, if the price of the stock keeps going up, the short sellers aren't profiting at all since they short sold on the assumption that the price would fall and they would buy back at a lower price. That is essentially the squeeze: Do the short sellers continue to hang on to their position and pay higher fees and give up more collateral as the stock price rises or do they buy back the shares at a huge loss and close their position? BTW I'm not an expert on any of this so pls excuse if I got something wrong but my interest in the stock market is at an all time high right now. I've traded on and off for the past year or so but I will definitely start looking into it more now. Anyways, I'm not exactly sure why I wrote all this but it's going to be an exciting week ahead seeing all of this unfold. I have 1 share of Gamestop for the memes. How do you think this plays out?
  10. Go Leafs

    Lego - AMA

    Hey Lego, who was your favorite DF member and official?
  11. If Corr/Exodus/Syn/VR didn't exist, what are the 2-3 other clans you would have considered joining?
  12. If you like reading fantasy / science fiction books, Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson has it all: Epic scope - the world building/history of this book has the same breadth as ASOIAF and the world keeps getting bigger with each passing book Large cast of characters and we do see development of quite a few of them Mystery - all good SF/Fantasy books have mystery but Stormlight manages to introduce just enough to keep you interested and then Stockton slaps you in the head with it in book 2. Masvidal shows up in book 3 and 3 pieces you. And then prime Mike Tyson comes and does a peekabo in book 4. That probably didn't make sense but if you like mystery and like learning about the magic system/various mechanics - Stormlight is the way. Magic - Brandon Sanderson is the magic system guy. He lays out a logic for his system and tries his best to follow it (no random OP spells midway). The system he has built in Stormlight is ambitious and has a lot mechanics by book 4. And I still feel like we don't know 50% of it. Anyways I haven't finished book 4 yet but the pace of this book is absolute insanity. If you ever decide to read Stormlight, Book 1 will be slow but I guarantee if you stick it out, it will be 100% worth it.
  13. great read, always nice to have insights into the inner working of clans. being in EOS from 09-11, VR was definitely our #1 rival and the fights were always hectic
  14. Around 6 - currently trying to setup a consistent sleep schedule to get 8
  15. some mans thought nets were a write off in that NBA topic with that said im still taking LA but its going to be a great series. nets depth is legit
  16. yea man just trying to get 100k slayer xp today for this comp!
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