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  1. Ned @Scleritis should visit him
  2. Happy my clan is closed so I don't have to deal with this LOL
  3. Fuck, was meant to post a lot but got carried away. I remember Finnish people (both NG and Fools) hating TR because it was pretty obvious what you were doing against us GMT +2 clans. You knew the timezone difference and it was getting late for us - so you basically outlasted till 12-3am GMT bunch of times just to get a cheap win. When you would fight against EST clans you barely fought them longer. And against us it was always the same thing.. just trying to outlast till it's too late - obviously. But it got repetitive and people actually saw it disrespectful at the time. I also remember people hating on Sooz, she was talking about Finnish suicide rates and whatnot. This was all before all the crashing etc. And it's been years now, but somehow I still remember all that Random video hidden on my youtube channel (look at us two bonding at RDG 🙂) But yes you're right. All the crashing and whatnot started because we pulled 100 pretty much constantly and nobody would fight us. We had no beef at the time with anyone except we hated you guys, so it was an easy option for action. Personally always hated your leadership team, it was difficult and picky to set up fights.. Jeff, Finny...... fuck me all the headaches trying to setup a fight with all the strict rules LOL. Personally always liked you and Zafia, despite how I acted at the time, that was only clan beef. I think we can all say that we had some great fights and made some great memories, drama/beef is always somehow involved. Definitely no hard feelings now in 2021. Few random pictures (I probably have like 100x "gf tr endings" but ye, they look all the same) Thanks for the AMA, was a great read. 👍
  4. Thoughts about Fools/CU and TR rivalry? Thoughts about me? All my questions are directed to @Monkey don't hold anything back! I'll reply/ask more later!
  5. Actually enjoyed fighting TCL a lot back in the day, timezones were kinda hard to match but somehow we still managed to set up some decent fights. Obviously respected you guys for being a country clan as well Tried to find something TCL related in my archives but only managed to find these two, not sure what the second one is about LOL (maybe Aiorya didn't accept a no prep fight or something)
  6. What i replied to Faux's tweet 1,5 years ago. In my eyes, that is the only way to revive wilderness activity / clanning / getting new people interested to the PvP aspect of it all. Till then (most likely forever) everything else is irrelevant and it's just meh
  7. Hey Steve, been a while. Just gonna drop this here because I have it for whatever reasons in my archives, 29th April 2010
  8. EoMeri

    Wee Man AMA

    How come you were always in smaller clans instead of the bigger main clans (before joining true's grandpahouse)?
  9. Well ye, as a sniper its a whole different thing. I shoulda been more specific. To be honest kinda forgot about the snipers and shit because there weren't any in fights towards the end. That's what I mostly meant and I'm sure everybody knows what I mean, seeing the same names standing out somewhere ready to get piled just so they can show off. Every clan had their members who did that.
  10. None. There are names that stand out sure.. eg. people have named Lassuri, but all he did in fights was waiting to get piled / baiting himself out. He didn't rly focus on the fight itself ever, just himself and his tanking ego lol (I can admit I did the same at times when I was with non-Finnish clans because tanking was fun) and probably most of us have done it at some point, but in a way it makes you a shit member.
  11. Dropping by to inform you that I hate Swedish people
  12. Ernie wasn't good at anything lets be honest LOL
  13. Pre OSRS Fools vs NG Fools vs TR In OSRS Fools vs ROT
  14. He called first so technically my fault, didn't respect VR enough lol
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