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Blue Wall Intro

Blue Wall

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Runescape Name
Blue Wall

Preferred Name 
Blue Wall

Discord ID
Blue Wall#2244

Current Clan

Previous Clan History
A few, but only ones worth noting now are DF and Valor before that


Who do you know in Tempest?
Lots of the old school people hanging around

Are you interested in joining?
Nope, ain't got time to commit to and clans anymore

Brief Introduction
I was in DF in 2006.  Led a clan called Valor that joined DF in pretty big masses after we closed since we always had a close relationship with them before that.  Quit rs for a while after that, and ended up back in DF again from 2009-2012 before quitting clanning for good.  I don't know what else to really put here.   I was told to make an intro or True would kill me, so here we are.

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Remember you leading Valour way back in 2005. Attended a Fear v Valor fight (I was in Phobia back then). 

What are your memories from Valor? All I remember was that it was led by you and Winnnor and I thought that was cool af cus of the blue capes.














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